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The building harboring the gallery has been built in place of an old olive pressing facility which laid against a great typical rocky mauresque wall of the XVII century. The gallery offers 4 areas for exhibitions from 35 to 70m2 on 3 levels, two terraces, one being 70m2 and the other 50m2. The largest one allowing to exhibit art that can sustain external conditions and welcome guest during openings.

The design of the building respects the local architectural spirit with a modern twist (cortene steel balconies, wide windows…) its interior is based on raw cement some of it painted in white under a red steel supporting structure, steel staircases and zenithal lighting using light wells made out of glass.

This architecture therefore has the purpose of helping the visitor travel from a down-to-earth state of mind to an open minded journey where the imagination is stimulated by the art.

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