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Artiste peintre


Originally based in Paris, he moved to Normandy in the Perche in 2009 where he
built his workshop in the middle of the woods. André Rennuit’s work has been
exhibited 22 times since 1989.
In Switzerland, in the French Hauts de Seine, in Sceaux, Chatillon, Paris…
His latest exhibitions in Paris
2015 Galerie des 13 regardes, Paris 13
2017 Galerie Thuillier, Rue de Thorigny Paris 3
2018 Espace Cinko, Passage Choiseul Paris 2
This last exhibition is of most importance and is a major milestone ; L’Espace Cinko,
Passage Choiseul is a gem at the heart of Paris. More than 400 sqm2. It offers the
possibility to showcase more than 150 of all formats, even the larger ones.
André Rennuit works on all support. The formats showcased in Spain are for the
most part based on acrylic paint : The big formats on canvas, the mid formats on
paper Canson 300 gr/m. The paper formats are exhibited behind glass.


  • 2019- Adsubian Gallery • Adsubia, Spain
  • 2018- Galerie Cinko • Paris, France
  • 2017- Galerie Thuillier • Paris, France
  • 2015- Galerie des 13 regards • Paris, France
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