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Klementyna HOKUN

Ukrainian painter


A Ukrainian artist with a wealth of talent and experience, Klementyna has very recently had to flee her home in Kyiv due to the ongoing conflict.
Klementyna will hold her first exhibition here at the gallery from the 11th of June 2022 to the 30th of July 2022. “I want to say few words about my paintings for the exhibition. First of all, the most important for me is to learn the world around me, a world full of colours and life. I am interested in all manifistations of life in movement, feelings, emotions. I am inspired by birds, animals, people, both children and adults. Difference is the language of beauty for me. All the time I am surprised by unusual combinations of colours, shapes and surfaces. So for me this exhibition is about delighting of life and its beauty.“

Klementyna graduated from the “Taras Shevechenko“ State Art High School, Class of Painting in 1991. After which she worked sketching costumes and scenography for the Kyiv Studio Theatres.
From 1990 to 2000, she concentrated on easel painting. Many of her works are now in collections in the USA, Canada, France and Germany.
2000 to 2006 Klementyna taught interior design at the “Union of Designers of Ukraine“ becoming a member in 2002.
Since 2005 in addition to her painting, Klementyna has conducted art therapy sessions at the Pavlov Rehabilitation Centre in Kyiv, and the Glevas Regional Pyschiatric Hospital.
September 2013, as head of a team of 5 artists, Klementyna took on a project to paint the Hotel Bavaria in Poltava, Ukraine, in a Bavarian style. Over 400 square metres was painted with a variety of genre scenes, and completed within three months. Just in time for Christmas.

Klementyna has painted many works of art in both private and commercial properties. Examples of which are the beautiful ceiling in the restaurant “Lileya“ in Poltava, Ukraine, and the wall of a private apartment in Kyiv, painted on 2015. and the wall of a private apartment in Kyiv, painted on 2015.
In 2017 Klementyna began teaching at the College of the Acadamy of Fine Arts, at the Faculty of Design in Kyiv, where she developed courses of interior decoration styles and sketching master classes.

2017/2018 – Painting the Orthodox church in Oseshchyna village, Kyivskaya, Ukraine.
Klemetyna took on an unusual project for her, very special because of the style (she used the Byzantin style as a base) the topic (each painting describes scenes from the life of the saint Spiridon Thrimyphus) and the specifics of the work. She had to co-ordinate everything with the Rector of the church at every step.

In 2019, together with 3 other artists (from Russia and Brazil), Klementyna won an award for the mural painting “Mural-Izmir 2.
This was a project very close to Klementyna´s heart. It was painted in the historical Kadificale district of Izmir city in Turkey. The vast majority of people living in this area being Kurdish and Syrian refugees. A muslim community with their special culture and traditions.

The mural was very near to a big school, and every day the children would visit her there. Within the first week of working on the mural, children began to ask if their portraits could be included. For most of them their portarits served as a great source of pride, not only for themselves but their families. Many of the relatives from Kadificale would visit the mural to look at the portarits of the children.
The idea behind his project was to colorise the life around the people in this district. To help them out of depression and to change their lives somehow for the better.
Klementyna was very moved by the number of people, young, old, men women, who came to thank her for her work.

June 2021 – A project for the Jewish Refugees community in Anatevka (a small village near Kyiv, Ukraine)
The mural was based on the musical “Fidler on The Roof“, the story about life of the Jewish people in Anatevka before the First World War.

In the time of war, during the air alarm in Kyiv, Klementyna made this mural. Her personal part in fighting against Russian aggression in Ukraine.



  • 2022 • "New exhibition"- Adsubian Gallery • Adsubia, Spain
  • 2022 • "Archangel Mikael, close the sky over Ukraine OVER UKRAINE"- Mural painting • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2021 • "Jewish Refugees community"- Mural painting • Anatevka, Ukraine
  • 2019 • "Award for “Mural-Izmir 2."- Mural painting • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2018 • "Scenes from the life of the saint Spiridon Thrimyphus"- Orthodox church • Oseshchyna village, Ukraine
  • 2015 • "Walls and ceilings"- Commercials and Private apartment • Kyiv, Ukraine
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